Customer Testimonials

“I have known about Cumarindine I guess since I was about 4 or 5 yearsold. We all were raised with it. There were seven children and we all still use it today. I use it for about anything and everything. My Dad knew the guy that made it many years ago, I just bought more of it and one for my son-in-law. It is one of the best.”
P. Smith, Elmore county, Alabama

“I had an itch in my ear canal that nothing seemed to relieve. I suddenly realized why my uncle Richard used to try to “crank his ear with his truck key”. I was visiting my mom in Alabama and saw a jar of Cumarindine that she was using on her dog for itching and scaly skin. I applied some into my ear canal and the itching stopped almost immediately. I bought a jar and now use it whenever I have any type of itching.”
Byron, South Carolina

“I used to use Cumarindine when Mrs. Whitten was still making it. I have gotten cancer in the past few years and was glad to hear that Cumarindine was available again. I was concerned that the latest formulation would not be as good as the original. To my surprise and good fortune, it works better than the original formulation! Good luck selling it.”
Marie in North Alabama.

“I suffer with shingles and was glad to find Cumarindine Ointment for them. I now apply some as soon as symptoms appear and within minutes all symptoms are gone and no more pain or itching. No more anticipation of pain and itching of shingles.”
JB Gadsden, Alabama

“My work involves handling dry chemicals which cause my hands to crack and hurt. I had tried all the hand creams and conditioners on the market with little results. When I was given a sample of Cumarindine to try on my hands, I was truly amazed. My hands showed remarkable improvement within days. I now keep the ointment on hand.”
Clay W., Anniston, Alabama

“Due to a hip problem, I was unable to lie in bed so I ended up sitting in a recliner most days and nights. I developed a pressure sore on my buttocks almost at my ower back. I began using Cumarindine Ointment on it and it began to clear up almost immediately. However, my wife thought it was not getting well quick enough, so she had me to see a wound specialist. When the wound care specialist looked at it and asked what I had been treating it with and was told Cumarindine, she said keep applying it. It is doing a great job. It cleared up in about 10 days total.”
RJ, Piedmont, Alabama

“While on a trip to Cuba, I remarked to Billie Johnson that my sciatica pain was really bothering me. I have suffered with this for 6-8 years. Billie gave me a jar of Cumarindine Ointment (I had never heard of it) to try. I used it that evening and to my surprise my pain was lessened. I did as instructed and used the ointment two more times that day. When we left the tour, my sciatica pain was gone. This is a truly wonderful product.”
Kathryn – East China, Michigan – Retired Educator

“I use Cumarindine Ointment on my hemmorrhoids now instead of PreparationH. The PreparationH did nothing except cost me money. Cumarindine Ointment works great to help heal my hemmorrhoids.”
BW, Sales, Gadsden, Alabama

“Thank you. I had radiation treatment for breast cancer and this was the Most Amazing stuff. I still use for everything.”
Faye Bonner – McCalla, Alabama

“I received my order. My niece, who lived in Alabama, gave me a bottle years ago. I had forgotten about it. My husband has had several surgeries since his knee replacement last November. He developed a huge blister and that’s when I remembered the Cumarindine. He began using it on the blister and in three days it was gone and nice, healthy skin was all that was left! He is now using it on a site left from a skin graft on the same leg and am hoping that it will be healed by the time we go back to the surgeon in two- weeks. He will be amazed too. I am using it for just about everything skin related and am telling everyone I know about it. Thank You for your amazing product.”
Kathy Owens – Lancaster, Texas

“I’ve had eczema on my hand for nine months. At times, it would appear that it was getting better and then it would flare up. It would start itching and I couldn’t resist. The after effect was a red and swollen hand that was painful to touch. I went to the dermatologist and they provided a steroid cream which didn’t work. They also offered a shot to clear it up, but I declined, thinking I could get rid of this on my own. I tried over moisturizing my hand and it would help some, but there was always a relapse. Earlier this week I was introduced to Cumarindine. I’ve used it for five days and it’s almost completely gone. There hasn’t been a relapse. Also, the callus on my hand is almost gone. I’m truly amazed at what Cumarindine has done for me in just 5 days.”
Brent Lane, Birmingham, Alabama 01/11/2019

“I had a horse that got injured. Our neighbor gave me a small tub of the Cumarindine to use on the wound. I was very impressed, the wound healed beautifully, no scarring at all and all of the hair came back where the wound was. I have used it ever since on me, my kids and my horses and absolutrly love it. I have eczema on my hands sometimes and it has been one of the only things that has ever worked. Every barn and every home should have a jar. Many thanks for a wonderful product.”
Kendra Cobb NRP, Lead Paramedic Team DMT Medical Support Services Contractor, Federal
Emergency Management Agency, Center For Domestic Preparedness. 61 Responder Drive, Anniston, Alabama 36205″.

“I just wanted to stop a moment and thank you for Cumarindine! My husband was in the hospital for Covid, was in a coma for nearly 6 weeks on a ventilator. During this time during a blood draw he contacted MRSA, his hand swelled up and after three weeks literally burst around December 15th. He has been home since Jan. 15, 2021, and we have been using Cumarindine on it daily. We recently had a home health nurse revisit after several weeks and she was shocked by the improvement of his hand. You can see the progression of healing from Jan. 20 to today April 20th. Thank you again, Wilma and Chuck Alexander, Lineville, AL.”