Soothe the body Shingles relief 1.6 oz. jar

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Soothe The Body Shingles Relief is a proprietary formulation from Alabama Cosmeceutical Labs, LLC, that reduces the pain and helps prevent nerve damage from the shingles outbreak.

Early application of Shingles Relief is most helpful for Shingles symptoms such as “localized tingling/tickling/numbness with pain/ burning with a rash of fluid filled blisters”.

Soothe The Body Shingles Relief is a rub-on ointment with virus fighting and skin conditioning ingredients.

For reoccurring symptoms, apply as soon as possible to prevent a major breakout.

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  1. goglplx

    I was presented with 2 jars of Soothe The Body Shingles Relief to give to customers who came in suffering from Shingles. Within 3 days, I had the opportunity to have a customer try the product. He reported to me that the product had worked well for him, reducing the pain and rash. I immediately called Alabama Cosmeceutical Labs, LLC to order some for my shelves.
    Rick – Owner/Pharmacist – Ricks Discount Pharmacy, Attalla, AL

  2. goglplx

    I gave some of the Shingles Relief to a friend who was suffering from Shingles. She told me a little later that the product eased her pain and she was able to sleep for the first time in 4 days.
    Marie Farmer – Warrior, Alabama

  3. goglplx

    I have suffered with reoccurring shingles for years and have tried numerous products with no to minimal relief. In July, 2016, I applied Shingles Relief. I immediately felt relief from burning sensation and the spreading of the redness and pain. Since then, I have had no more occurrences of shingles. I recommend this product.
    Dr. Jacky Beck, Washington

  4. goglplx

    The best stuff !!! Dries them up faster than any thing I have seen. Completely worth it !!!!!!!!
    Tonya J. Mowland

  5. goglplx

    In the past year, I have had cancer, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. However, when I got shingles it was the worst thing that happened to me. I saw immediate relief from the itching and pain when a friend gave me a jar of Soothe The Body Shingles Relief. It also aided in clearing up the scabbing on my scalp. I continue to use this great product and am still improving.
    Al Onley – Dimensional Engineer

  6. goglplx

    After my customers had such good results and immediate relief from pain by using Shingles Relief, I purchased enough jars to sell in all 10 of my Mills Pharmacies, in and around Birmingham, Alabama.
    Robert Mills, Pharmacist, Birmingham, AL

  7. goglplx

    My cousin gave me a jar of SootheThe Body Shingles Relief when he heard I was suffering with another bout of shingles around my torso. I have an outbreak about every 7-8 months, so the Dr. can’t give me the shot. After using the Shingles Relief for the first time, I experienced an immediate relief from the pain. As soon as the jar I was given is about empty, I will buy another jar to have on hand.
    Joyce Turner, Retired HR Manager, Piedmont, SC

  8. Patricia A. Beausoleil

    Have had shingles for the past two or three years….looking for something what will ease the discomfort when they act up. A neighbor suggested I try this ointment as they did and received some relief.

    • Richard Johnson (verified owner)

      Patricia, I noticed your comment about awaiting your shipment. we have not received an order from you. Please let me know if there was a problem with your order.
      The quicker you can get this ointment on your Shingles, the quicker your results. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call 256.549.4727.
      Have a good day and week,
      Richard Johnson
      Alabama Cosmeceutical Labs, LLC

  9. Patraicia A. Beausoleil

    Have not used it yet…awaiting shipment

  10. Lisa

    I was hesitant about ordering this cream when I saw it advertised on Etsy. I was worried about it causing more irritation. I was miserable enough with the blisters from the rash and welts on my neck from the bandages I used to cover the rash. Day four of the break out was excruciating. I was prescribed an antiviral as treatment. I was not given any pain meds. I assume it is because I am in my fourties’ and the provider that diagnosed me was not my regular provider. I was so desperate for relief that I took a chance and ordered a bottle knowing it would probably arrive and the shingles would be gone. It arrived a day after I finished treatment and was in the healing phase.
    A day later, I woke up with a burning and stinging sensation in my neck. I had a fever and body aches. I looked in the mirror to discover that the blisters had returned on my neck. Due to the treatment not being aggressive enough the first time, the shingles returned. I immediately applied the cream to the rash. It was very soothing. I was prescribed three different medications, but I know this cream helped significantly. This time the rash did not scab over. It was near as painful. I am so grateful for this cream!

    • Richard Johnson (verified owner)

      Lisa, thank you for your post. We are so glad to hear your story regarding your Shingles symptoms and usage of our Shingles Relief ointment in the reduction of Shingles. If you happen to be one of the unfortunate who have recurring bouts of Shingles, please remember to start applying the ointment at first sign of symptoms.

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