Soothe the body Pure Emu Oil 1.0 oz. bottle


For thousands of years the Aborigines of Australia have been using Emu oil with its remarkable penetrating ability to reduce the effects of the Sun and for skin conditioning and pain reduction.

Soothe The Body 100% Pure Emu Oil is an American Emu Association certified oil and is produced, processed and bottled in the USA.

Soothe The Body 100% Pure Emu Oil is good for the body because it contains the Omega Acids (EFA’s) needed for healthy skin and rebuilding of healthy cells. Emu oil is one of only a few “oils” that will penetrate the outer layer of skin due to its “Unique Fingerprint” (that closely resembles our own).

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  1. goglplx

    I use the Soothe The Body Pure Emu Oil, to moisturize and soften my skin, instead of other skin conditioners because it is a natural product and does not clog my pores, It goes a long way and I use it on my face and upper chest area to keep those nasty wrinkles away.
    Darlene, Illinois

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