Soothe the body Pain relief with Emu oil 2.0 oz. bottle


For thousands of years the Aborigines of Australia used the oil from the emu (with its’ natural anti-inflammatory properties) to relieve the pain from muscle strains, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis and bruises.

Due to the natural anti-inflammatory nature of emu oil and its ability to penetrate the skin, it is effective for muscles and joints to stop pain. It brings in fresh blood flow to help hasten the body’s natural healing process. Soothe The Body Pain Relief (With Emu Oil), has added other natural anti-inflammatory ingredients for enhanced pain relieving properties.

Our research revealed Soothe The Body Pain Relief (With Emu Oil) contains more emu oil than any other OTC pain formulation on the market today and contains NO water as filler.

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  1. goglplx

    I use the Soothe The Body Pain Relief for all my pains. I just rub a small amount on the ache and within a very short time the pain is gone, along with the slight eucalyptus smell. Great product!
    JRG, Marion, NC

  2. goglplx

    The Soothe The Body Pain Relief is a great product. It reduces inflammation thusly causing relief quickly. Try it for yourself.
    MC, Atlantam GA

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