Naysa CDB skin care facial toner 4.0 oz. spray bottle


What does Facial Toner do for my skin?

  1. Removes environmental toxins and other chemical residues
  2. Shrinks and tightens facial pores to reduce oil and toxin buildup
  3. Hydrates skin to reduce the signs of aging and maintain elasticity
  4. Creates a fresher, clearer and less oily appearance
  5. Restores skin and helps to balance the pH level
  6. Helps to reduce facial blemishes and acne
  7. Provides essential skin nutrients to keep your skin healthy and balanced
  8. Purifies and leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated and cleansed

After gently cleansing the face and neck areas and patting dry, spray CBD Skin Care Facial Toner and let dry.

Now you can complete your skincare regimen by applying CBD Ultra Eye Repair Cream and CBD Anti-aging Cream. Then apply your favorite makeup    or NOT!

Be prepared to hear compliments on your new look!

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  1. Jennifer S.

    Glad I got the toner along with the cleanser. They make the perfect set to clean and refresh my face. Jennifer S, Knoxville

  2. Kathy

    Thanks for a toner I can use on my older skin. My skin feels tighter and looks smoother. Kathy, Salt Lake City

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