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Cumarindine2Go is now available in convenient plastic jars with a screw on cap. There is nothing worse than being in the “Great Outdoors” (working, hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting, etc.) and getting burned, stung, bitten, blistered, or itching and not having our jar of Cumarindine Ointment close at hand. All we can do is SUFFER until we get back home to our medicine chest and our Cumarindine Ointment jar.


Now all you need is to reach into your pocket, purse, gym bag or backpack for your Cumarindine2Go in its 0.4 ounce size jar! Now you can have this wonderful product with you at all times.

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  1. Alicia Toro

    Have been using this since I was a kid. Best thing for burns I’ve ever used. Also good to use to keep animals from liking their wounds.

    • Richard Johnson (verified owner)

      Alicia, so glad you are using and liking the results of our CumarindinE Ointment. Certainly glad it does the job on your animals. We have been using it on our dogs for years and a neighbor has used it with good results on wounds on her horse.

  2. Rachel Long

    I love this my brother let me try it I have psoriatic arthritis and I have breakouts and I put this on my legs and they stopped itching and my skin started to turn back normal so I have to order some more cuz he only had just a little bit left so I’m ordering me some more so I can have it on hand and it really just stop the itching

    • Richard Johnson (verified owner)

      Thank you Rachel for your comment on CumarindinE ointment. We are so glad you are so pleased with our product!
      Richard Johnson
      Alabama Cosmeceutical Labs, LLC

  3. Connie Bradley Watkins

    Our Family was introduced to cumarindine Ointment in the latter half of the 1950s. I was around 8 years old . Mr. Malcolm Terrell was our land lord. Mom and dad had seven children. Mr Terrell gave us some knowing you can’t raise children without cuts and scrapes and burns. Mom and dad thought it was great. I did not know that it is still on the market. It is just a little different but I still love it. I As so glad discovered it again.

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