Cumarindine Ointment for Burns and Skin Conditions 1.6 oz. jar

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Cumarindine ointment is used for quick relief of: burns, sun burns, radiation burns, cold sores, insect bites/stings, bruises, hemorrhoids, diaper rash, bedsores, muscle and joint pain, eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, skin abrasions, indolent ulcers (non-healing wounds), open wounds, and more!


Cumarindine has been effective in treating “hot spots”, scaly skin, itching and hair loss in dogs. It has been used on horses to treat wounds and to promote hair growth.

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  1. goglplx

    I have known about Cumarindine I guess since I was about 4 or 5 yearsold. WE all was raised with it. There were 7 children and we all still use it today. I use it for about anything and everything. My Dad knew the guy that made it many years ago, I just bought more of it and one for my son-in-law. It is one of the best.
    P Smith, Elmore county, Alabama

  2. goglplx

    I had an itch in my ear canal that nothing seemed to relieve. I suddenly realized why my Uncle Richard used to try to “crank his ear with his truck key”. I was visiting my Mom in Alabama and saw a jar of Cumarindine that she was using on her dog for itching and scaly skin. I applied some into my ear canal and the itching stopped almost immediately. I bought a jar and now use it whenever I have any type of itching. Byron, SC.

  3. goglplx

    Cumarindine is the best burn ointment I’ve ever tried, much better than Silvadene. It relieves pain immediately and makes burns heal more quickly too. Cumarindine’s a must for my medicine cabinet! Try it and you want be without it.
    Brenda Morgan, Glencoe, AL

  4. Judy Johnson (verified owner)

    I have used this product for several years. It is missing something that is in the original Ointment and I’m afaid it will not do the job it use to. I thought when I ordered my Ointment that it was a 16 oz jar. When I received it it was a 1.6 oz jar. I paid a little more for the one I received but thought I would but the jar I already had was a 13.1oz jar/ I put some of the new salve on me and already have a burning in my mouth like I do when I have tried to us an ointment with Hemp included in the formula. I am very disappointed.

    • Richard Johnson (verified owner)

      Judy, first, thank you for your order. We do guarantee our products to your satisfaction. We did check your order and you ordered the 1.6 oz jar, our smallest size jar. This formula has not changed since 2013 and it’s popularity has continued to increase. Please be assured this product contains NO Hemp. We are sorry you are disappointed with your order. To make arrangements for the return of the ointment(and a complete refund of your order), or to discuss your concerns, please contact us at 256-459-4727 or email us at

      • Richard Johnson (verified owner)

        Judy, thank you for your quick response to our comment. Thank you for calling us about your concerns. Nice to talk to you and glad your son is using your Cumarindine Ointment to help with his welding burns. It is good we could set your mind at ease that there is no Hemp oil in this product and that you plan to reorder again.


    very good stuff i am getting yhe jar for my daughter

  6. RCT (verified owner)

    I am “pushing” 60″ years old, and my family has been using this my entire life, and years before. I have always kept a jar in my medicine cabinet. It literally works for EVERYTHING! I even have a jar from before the formula was changed (it’s a brown color, and stains). I keep it for the really bad stuff because it’s stronger. I just ordered and received a new jar. The last one I had still had a price tag sticker on it from a CVS store for $5.99! Wish it was still that price today…
    Regardless, I am so thankful you are still producing a quality product that will, hopefully, continue to prosper. And yes, I have told all of my friends about the wonders of this “magic cream”.
    Thank you also for the handwritten note from Richard on my receipt!

    • Richard Johnson (verified owner)

      Thank you for continuing to use our Cumarindine Ointment after all these years. Thanks for telling all your friends about our product and we are happy it performs as described.

  7. David Myers


  8. Gheresa

    Very nice

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