Cumarindine Liquid for burns and skin conditions 8 oz. bottle



Cumarindine liquid is used for quick relief of: burns, sun burns, radiation burns, cold sores, insect bites/stings, bruises, hemorrhoids, diaper rash, bedsores, muscle and joint pain, eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, skin abrasions, indolent ulcers (non-healing wounds), open wounds, and more!

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  1. goglplx

    I had radiation treatment for breast cancer and this was the Most Amazing stuff.
    I still use for everything.
    Faye Bonner – McCalla, AL

  2. goglplx

    I received my order.
    My niece, who lived in Alabama, gave me a bottle years ago. I had forgotten about it. My husband has had several surgeries since his knee replacement last November. He developed a huge blister and that’s when I remembered the Cumarindine. I began using it on the blister and in 3 days it was gone and nice, healthy skin was all that was left! I am now using it on a site left from a skin graft on the same leg and am hoping that it will be healed by the time we go back to the surgeon in 2 weeks. He will be amazed too. I am using it for just about everything skin related and am telling everyone I know about it. Thank You for your amazing product
    Kathy Owens – Lancaster, TX

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