All our products are made in America with pride and 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction

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All our products are made in America with pride and 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction


Cumarindine ointment is used for quick relief of burns, sunburn, radiation burns, cold sores, insect bites, bruises, hemorrhoids, diaper rash, diabetic sores, bedsores, muscle and joint pain, eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, skin abrasions, non-healing wounds, open wounds and more!

Cumarindine has been effective in treating pets too. Scaly skin, “hot spots”, itching and hair loss in dogs. It has been used on horses to treat wounds and to promote hair growth.

Cumarindine ointment is available as a 1.6 oz. ($8.11/oz.), 3.8 oz ($6.57 oz.), and 13.9 oz ($6.11/oz.) jar. Cumarindine ointment is also available as Cumarindine2Go in a handy 0.4 oz. plastic jar with screw on top.

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The Body

The name says it all. Our skin care products provide you with top quality products for reasonable prices. Alabama Cosmeceutical Labs, LLC does NOT use water as a filler in any of our products. Why pay for a product that has only a small amount of active ingredients and the majority of the container is water? Read the labels of your skincare products then choose a Soothe The Body product.
Always look for the Rainbow on the label to ensure you are purchasing quality Soothe The Body products. All Soothe The Body skincare products are “Made in America with Pride.” and “100 percent guaranteed to your satisfaction.”
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